• We guarantee that you will hunt your buffalo within 1 (one) day. There after using the remaining 10 days to hunt kudu, eland, gemsbuck, blue wildebeest and other species according to our agreement
  • Hunting will take place in the Limpopo province on farms selected by Eben Smit according to the animals of your choice
  • A Profesional hunter will accompany hunters at all times should they choose to hunt on foot or use the cruiser to spot the animals before stalking them
  • After the animal is taken, the hunter will be allowed to exercise his/her preferred ritual (should he/she choose to do so)
  • Professional photos will be taken of the hunter and his trophy once the ritual is finished
  • The animal is then collected and taken to be processed in the butchery and placed in the cool room
  • When the hunt is done you will be brought back to the Guest house to celebrate a successful hunt – food and drinks will be supplied
  • Your rifles will be stored in a gun safe (walk-in) for safekeeping
  • Your host Eben Smit will keep you company during your visit to ensure that you have a great African Hunting Experience with lots of fond memories to treasure.


  • The entire farm is fenced off with electrical fencing. There is a professional alarm system installed and a game ranger on duty to protect our visitors
  • The farm has a record of being safe with no criminal related incidents since the current owner bought it in 1990
  • This record is in part due to the dangerous animals, like buffaloes held on the farm and strict security


  • Game drives
  • Horse riding
  • Bush trails
  • Bird watching


  1. Your firearm and export permit - you my also use the owner's rifle
  2. Malaria pills - our area is safe from malaria, but precaution is better than cure
  3. Warm clothes, a hat and sun protection cream
  4. Proper preperation for shooting accurate and effective
  5. Insurance against the danger of hunting dangerous animals – let your broker inform the insurance company of your proposed hunt
  6. Friends to accompany you, should they wish to experience the African bushveld and see the big five
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